Gungahlin receives record September rain in 2016.

Weather conditions across Gungahlin during September were colder and much wetter than normal.

Nights were cool to cold, with an average minimum of 5.4°C; well up on the average of 3.4°C recorded last September and above Gungahlin’s longer term September average of 4.3°C.  The warmest night for the month occurred on September 8, when the temperature was a mild 8.7°C, while on September 28 it dropped to a cold 0.3°C.

Days were generally cool to cold and cloudy, with an average maximum of 14.7°C; well down on last September’s average of 16.4°C.  Gungahlin’s longer term September average is 16.4°C.  The highest temperature for the month was a mild 19.0°C, recorded on September 8, while on 30 September, cloudy skies and continuous rain combined to keep Gungahlin's maximum temperature to 10.0°C.

Gungahlin recorded 1 frost and 1 fog during September.  This compares to the 7 frosts and 1 fog recorded in Gungahlin last September.

Winds at the Weather Centre averaged at 2.9km/h during September; with the strongest gust for the month 45.1km/h from the NW, recorded on September 30.

After Gungahlin's wettest winter on record, spring got off to a wet start with the Weather Centre recording 135.4mm of rain in September, over 12 days.  This is the most rain to fall in Gungahlin in September, beating the previous record of 103.9mm in September 2005.  The 2016 total compares to the 15.4mm that fell last September and Gungahlin's longer term September average of 51.9mm.  Falls in other parts of Canberra were generally a little heavier, with Canberra AP recording 149.2mm for the month, Monash 151.2mm, Tuggeranong 151.0mm and Melba 192.0mm.  Gungahlin's 2016 total stands at 657.8mm, well above 386.4mm that fell over the same period in 2015.

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