Windy August 2001.

Strong winds and cloudy skies dominated weather conditions across Gungahlin during August, but temperatures and rainfall were close to normal.

Nights were cold, with the area recording an average minimum of 0.8°C (1.9°C last year).   The warmest night occurred on August 16 when the temperature was a mild 8°C, while on August 2 it dropped to a freezing -6°C.

Gungahlin received 22 frosts during the month (16 last year) but, due to the almost constant overnight winds, fogs were scarce, with virtually no fog recorded at the Gungahlin Weather Centre.

Days were, in the main, cool to cold and cloudy with an average maximum of 13.0°C (12.9°C last year).   The highest temperature was a mild 18°C, recorded on August 12, while on August 21 the maximum reached just 8°C.

Several strong cold fronts passed over Gungahlin during August, producing very strong winds, heavy rain, hail and sleet.   During one such change on August 17, winds gusted at more than 85km/h, causing some minor wind damage.

Rainfall totalled 73.6mm (71.2mm last year), with rain recorded on 17 days.  There were no snowfalls, however sleet fell on August 1, 18, 22 and 27.

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