Mild Month - July 2001.

Gungahlin's relatively mild winter continued during July with weather conditions generally warmer and more stable than normal, especially during the day.

Nights were cold, with an average minimum of 0.4°C (0.8°C last year).  The warmest night occurred on July 26 when the temperature was a mild 7°C, while on July 21 it dropped to -5°C.

Gungahlin received 23 frosts during the month (20 last year), and there were seven fogs, one of which did not clear until after midday.

Days were generally cool to cold and cloudy with an average maximum temperature of 11.9°C (11.3°C last year).   The highest temperature was a mild 15°C, recorded on July 11, while on July 6 the maximum reached just 5°C.

On a positive note, rainfall is up, with 93.0mm falling so far this winter.  July accounted for 48.2mm of this total (29.4mm last July), and rain was recorded on 11 days.  There were no snowfalls.

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