June 2001 days were warm.

Weather conditions across Gungahlin during June featured generally warmer than normal days, cold nights and some lingering morning fogs.

The average maximum temperature was 13.2°C, compared with 11.7°C last year.  It reached 19°C on June 5, while just 8°C was recorded on June 15.

The average minimum of 0.7°C was lower than last year's average of 1.0°C.  The warmest night occurred on June 13 when the temperature was a mild 11°C, while June 20 it dropped to a freezing -5°C.

Gungahlin received 20 frosts during the month (19 last year) and there were nine fogs, with several of these not clearing until midday.

After a very dry April and May, it was nice to see the rain return to Gungahlin during June.  The Weather Centre received 44.8mm of rain (31.6mm last year), with rain recorded on nine days.  There were no snowfalls.

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