Jekyll-Hyde May 2002 weather.

Weather conditions across Gungahlin during May were rather changeable, with the first half of the month dominated by warm and sunny weather, while the second half was much colder and cloudier.

Nights were generally cool to cold, with an average minimum of 3.7°C (2.1°C last year).   The warmest night occurred on May 16 when the temperature was 9°C, while on May 31 it dropped to a freezing -2°C.

Days were cool to mild and cloudy, with an average maximum of 15.0°C, much cooler than last May's 16.5°C.   The highest temperature was 23°C, recorded on May 7, while on May 19 Gungahlin's maximum struggled to reach 9°C.

Gardeners may be interested to learn that Gungahlin received its first frost of the year on May 6, some three and a half weeks later than last year's on April 12.  In all, there were 10 frosts recorded during May (17 last year) and there were 4 fogs.

Rainfall for the month was fairly light, with 29.2mm (1.6mm last year) falling at the Weather Centre over 10 days.

Gungahlin's June Outlook:  Current indications are for a relatively stable start to winter across Gungahlin.   Nights will be cold and average at around 1°C, while days look like being slightly warmer than normal, averaging at 13°C.

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