Gungahlin records a warmer, wetter March in 2017.

Weather conditions across Gungahlin during March were a little warmer and much wetter than normal.

Nights were mild, with an average minimum of 12.9°C; down on the average of 13.1°C recorded last March.  Gungahlin’s longer term March average is 11.4°C.  The warmest night for the month occurred on March 21, when the temperature was 17.4°C, while on March 29 it dropped to a cool 6.9°C.

Days were generally warm and cloudy, with an average maximum of 25.3°C; down on last years warm average of 27.3°C, but up slightly on Gungahlin’s longer term March average of 24.8°C.  The highest temperature for the month was a hot 31.7°C, recorded on March 12, while on March 23, cloudy skies and rain combined to keep Gungahlin's maximum temperature to a cooler 17.9°C.

Winds at the Weather Centre averaged at 0.4km/h during March, with the strongest gust for the month 41.8km/h from the W/NW, recorded on March 12.

Gungahlin recorded 2 fogs during March.  In contrast, there were no fogs recorded in March 2016.

Gungahlin recorded a very impressive 104.4mm of rain during March, over 20 days.  This compares to the 32.8mm that fell in Gungahlin last March and Gungahlin’s longer term March average of 42.6mm. Falls in other parts of Canberra were also impressive, with Canberra AP recording 85.2mm for the month, Tuggeranong 114.8mm, Monash 105.0mm and Melba 120.4mm.  Gungahlin’s 2016 rainfall now stands at 160.0mm, slightly below the 162.2mm that fell over the same period as last year.

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