Warm weather all but over - March 2001

Autumn 2001 began with cooler, cloudier weather across Gungahlin with temperatures down and rainfall up on March 2000.

Nights were, in the main, cool to mild with an average minimum of 10.8°C (13.3°C last year).   The warmest night of the month was 16°C, recorded on March 1, while on March 16 it fell to a chilly 3°C.

Days were generally warm and cloudy, with an average maximum of 23.6°C (25.6°C last year).   The warmest temperature for the month was 29°C, recorded on March 2.  In contrast, a cold, gusty south westerly change on March 22 kept Gungahlin's maximum to a chilly 14°C, and produced the season's first snowfalls in the mountains.

Rainfall for the month totalled 59.8mm (51.2mm last year), with 24.8mm of this total falling on March 17.  In all, rain was recorded on nine days during the month.

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