Rain returns during warm, humid February 2003.

Cloudy skies, warm temperatures and some welcome rain dominated weather conditions across Gungahlin during February.

Nights were rather mild, with an average minimum of 14.7°C, well up on last year's 13.4°C.   The warmest night occurred on February 16 when the temperature was a warm 19°C, while on February 5 it dropped to a cooler 10°C.

Days were generally very warm and cloudy, with an average maximum of 27.9°C, up on last year's 24.1°C.   The highest temperature was a hot 33°C, recorded on February 15, while on February 21 heavy rain and cool winds combined to keep Gungahlin's maximum to just 19°C.

Winds at the Weather Centre averaged at 4.7km/h during February, with the month's strongest gust 43.5km/h from the E/SE, recorded on February 19.

After the past few months of very low rainfall, it was pleasing to see the rain return during February.   Gungahlin received a healthy 59.2mm of rain for the month, with a soaking 42.7mm falling on February 21.   Some rain fell at the Weather Centre on 9 days during the month.

Gungahlin's March Outlook:  Current indications are for a cooler, cloudier and slightly wetter than average March across Gungahlin, as the El Nino weather event continues to weaken.   Nights will be cool to mild, and average at 10°C, while days should be warm and average at around 24°C.

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