February 2002 was mild, wet!

Heavy rain and well below average daytime temperatures dominated weather conditions across Gungahlin during February.

Nights were generally mild, with an average minimum of 13.4°C (14.8°C last year).   The warmest night occurred on February 6 when the temperature was 18°C, while on February 12 it dropped to 9°C.

Days were predominantly mild to warm, and coupled with the cloudy and wet conditions, the average maximum during the month was 24.1°C, much cooler than last year's average of 28.9°C.   The highest temperature was 32°C, recorded on February 2, while on February 6 the maximum reached just 15°C.   Surprisingly, the temperature reached 30°C or more on just one day in the month.

Winds averaged at 4.7 km/h during the month, with the strongest gust recorded a 41.8 km/h westerly on February 8.

The drought-like conditions of the past few months were well and truly broken, with a massive 176.8mm of rain falling at the Weather Centre (70.6mm last year) - 65.0mm fell in just 24 hours on February 4.   Although the rainfall in Gungahlin was impressive, according to official Bureau of Meteorology figures it was considerably less than the totals for Ainslie (250mm) and Canberra Airport (211mm).   One reason for this being Gungahlin was on the tail end of several severe thunderstorms and therefore missed worst of the wind and rain. in all, rain was recorded at the Weather Centre on 14 days during the month.

Indications are for a return to more average weather conditions in March.

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