Nights warm and humid in February 2001.

More seasonal weather returned to Gungahlin during February 2001 but, overall, conditions continued to be warmer than average.

Nights remained warmer, and more humid than normal, with an average minimum of 14.8°C (13.4°C last year).   On February 4 the minimum was a warm 20°C, while on February 16 it fell to 9°C.

Days were generally warm to hot, with an average maximum of 28.9°C, (the same as February 2000).   The temperature reached 30°C or above on 13 days, while on February 27 it peaked at 34°C.  In contrast, the maximum on February 5 was a cooler 23°C.

Rainfall for the month totalled 70.6mm (well above last February's 13.6mm), but this total was aided by overnight thunderstorms on February 5 that dumped 51.8mm on Gungahlin in just 24 hours.  In all, rain was recorded on six days during the month.

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