A hot, dry start to 2001!

Gungahlin sweltered through a hot, dry start to 2001.

Nights were warmer, and more humid than normal, with an average minimum of 14.4°C (10.7°C last year).   On January 25 the minimum was a warm 20°C, while on January 11 it was much easier to sleep with a low of 8°C.

Days were generally hot, with the average maximum 31.2°C, (well above last January's 24.6deg;C.   The temperature reached 30°C or above on 19 days during the month, while on January 23 it peaked at a scorching 40°C.   In contrast, the maximum on January 31 was just 23°C.

For the second January in a row rainfall was scarce, with only 40.0mm recorded (36.8mm in 2000).  In all, rain was recorded on five days during the month.

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