A wet end to Gungahlin's warm, dry 2009.

After Gungahlin’s warmest November on record, weather conditions returned to more normal levels during December.  There was also a welcome return of the rain, which ensured 2009 would not be remembered for being Gungahlin’s driest year on record.

Nights were mild, with an average minimum of 12.3°C; up on the average of 11.8°C recorded last December.  The warmest night for the month occurred on December 17, when the temperature was a muggy 18.8°C, while on December 2, it dropped to a cool 5.7°C.

Days were warm to hot and mostly sunny, with an average maximum of 28.3°C; up on last Decembers average of 26.6°C.  The highest temperature for the month was a scorching 36.9°C, recorded on December 17, while on Boxing Day (December 26), overcast skies and steady rain combined to keep Gungahlin's maximum temperature to a cool 16.6°C.

Winds at the Weather Centre averaged at 2.9 km/h during December, with the strongest gust for the month 54.7 km/h from the N/NW, recorded on December 17.

The rain returned to the region during December with Gungahlin recording 61.8mm during the month, over 7 days.  This proved to be the wettest month of 2009 and was boosted by a very wet Christmas and Boxing Day when Gungahlin recorded 27.0mm and 14.8mm respectively.  Falls in other parts of Canberra were also very welcome with Canberra AP recording 77.0mm during the month and Tuggeranong 95.2mm.

Decembers rain pushed Gungahlin’s 2009 total to 390.2mm, more than the very dry 2006 (when only 366.8mm fell), but well below the 503.2mm that fell last year.  For the record, Canberra AP received a total of 437.6mm of rain in 2009 and Tuggeranong 520.6mm.  Tuggeranong’s total a whopping 130.4mm more than Gungahlin!

Gungahlin's January outlook:  Current indications are for warmer, drier weather conditions for Gungahlin to start the new year.  Overall, daytime temperatures should average at around 31°C and nights at 15°C.  This compares to Gungahlin’s longer term January average of 14°C to 29°C.  Rainfall prospects for the month ahead look grim, and unless Gungahlin benefits from several passing thunderstorms, it’s highly unlikely it will receive anywhere near its longer term January average of 41.5mm.

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