December 2004 rainfall above average, but dry conditions lie ahead.

Weather conditions across Gungahlin and North Canberra during December were dominated by cloudy skies, warm temperatures and above average rainfall.

Nights were mild, with an average minimum of 11.2 degrees, well down on last Decemberís average of 13.5 degrees.  The warmest night for the month occurred on December 9, when the temperature was a warm 15.8 degrees, while on December 28 it dropped to a cold summer low of 3.6 degrees.

Days were very warm and mostly cloudy, with an average maximum of 26.1 degrees, down a little on last Decemberís average of 27.5 degrees.  The highest temperature for the month was a hot 33.2 degrees, recorded on December 19, while on December 28, overcast skies and cool SSE winds combined to keep Gungahlinís maximum to just 19.2 degrees.

Winds at the Weather Centre averaged at 3.9 km/h during December, with the strongest gust for the month 56.3 km/h from the N/NW, recorded on December 19.

An interesting summer weather phenomenon occurred on December 22, when Gungahlin residents awoke to see a fairly thick fog blanketing the suburbs.  Fog, which occurs regularly in the winter months, is quite rare in summer.

There was good and bad news on the rainfall front during December.  The good news was that Gungahlin received a healthy 71.9mm of rain for the month (20mm more than average).  The bad news was that it all fell in the first part of the month.  In fact, Gungahlin didnít receive any rain between December 14 and 31 (some 18 days).

The December rain brought Gungahlinís total for 2004 to 455.2mm, well down on the 538.3mm that fell in 2003.  Rainfall during the year was fairy uniform across Canberra, with Canberra Airport recording a similar 441.0mm during 2004.

Gungahlinís January Outlook:  Current indications are for a very warm January across Gungahlin, with daytime temperatures averaging at 29 degrees and nights at 14 degrees.  Rainfall prospects are looking a little bleak to start the New Year, as the very conditions experienced during the latter half of December are likely to continue for much of January.  The only chance of decent rainfall is if Gungahlin receives a drenching from passing thunderstorms.

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