A warm end to 2003.

Weather conditions across Gungahlin during December were dominated by clear skies, warm temperatures and above average rainfall.

Nights were mild, with an average minimum of 13.5 degrees, well up on last Decemberís average of 11.5 degrees.  The warmest night for the month occurred on December 31, when the temperature was a hard to sleep through 21.5 degrees, while on December 7 it dropped to a cooler 5.8 degrees.

Days were generally warm and clear, with an average maximum of 27.5 degrees, slightly up on last Decemberís average of 27.0 degrees.  The highest temperature for the month was a hot 34.4 degrees, recorded on December 30, while on December 20, overcast skies and steady rain combined to keep Gungahlinís maximum to a cool 18.9 degrees.  The temperature in Gungahlin reached 30 degrees or above on 11 days during the month.

Gungahlin received no frosts or fogs during December, leaving the yearly totals for 2003 at 68 frosts and 28 fogs.

Winds at the Weather Centre averaged at 4.3 km/h during December, with the strongest gust for the month 64.4 km/h from the NW, recorded on December 22.

Gungahlin received a welcome 72.9mm of rain during December (over 9 days), bringing the years total to 538.3mm.  This was higher than the 450.7mm of rain recorded in 2002, and the 519.3mm that fell in 2001.  Gungahlinís longer term yearly rainfall average stands at 614.0mm.

Gungahlinís January Outlook: Current indications are for a very warm start to the new year, with January shaping up as being hotter than normal.  Days should average at around 29 degrees and nights at 15 degrees.  Rainfall is likely to higher than the longer term average of almost 40mm.

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