Wind dominates during December 2001.

Fresh to strong winds, cloudy skies and little rain dominated weather conditions in Gungahlin during December.

Nights were mild, with an average minimum of 11.1°C (12.0°C last year).  The warmest night occurred on December 21 when the temperature was 18°C. On December 27 it dropped to 3°C.

Days were predominantly warm and cloudy, but it was the almost constant strong wind that made conditions feel a little unpleasant at times, and contributed to the fires that raged in parts of Canberra over the Christmas period.   The average maximum during the month was 26.6°C, cooler than last year's average of 28.2°C.   The highest temperature was 36°C, recorded on December 20.   On December 8 the maximum reached just 19°C.

Rain fell on seven days during the month, with only 14.8mm being recorded (34.0mm last year).   This brought the year's total rainfall to 519.2mm, some 157mm less than the 676.2mm recorded in 2000.

Gungahlin received one light frost during the month and no fogs were recorded.

Outlook:   Indications are for a continuation of dry, windy weather during January, but as temperatures rise the risk of thunderstorms will increase, finally delivering some much-needed rain.   Temperatures look like staying slightly below normal throughout January, with nights expected to average 11°C and days 27°C.

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