November 2002 warm and very dry.

Well above average temperatures, cloudy skies and little to no rain dominated weather conditions across Gungahlin during November.

Nights were rather mild, with an average minimum of 10.9°C, well above last year's average of 8.2°C.   The warmest night occurred on November 26 when the temperature was a hard to sleep through 19°C, while on November 1 it dropped to a cooler 3°C.

Days were generally warm and cloudy, with an average maximum of 26.4°C, much warmer than last year's average of 22.5°C.   In fact, it was the warmest November in Gungahlin since temperature records began at the Weather Centre back in 1999.  The highest temperature for the month was a hot 34°C, recorded on November 19, while on November 4 Gungahlin's maximum reached just 16°C.

Gungahlin received no frosts during the month (one frost last November), and there was one fog.

Winds at the Weather Centre averaged at 5.0km/h during November, with the strongest gust recorded during the month 46.7km/h from the W/NW on November 4.

For the second month in a row rainfall was extremely light.  In fact, not a drop of rain was recorded for the first 20 days of November.   In all, just 12.4mm of rain fell at the Weather Centre (40.2mm last November) over 3 days.  This total could have been worse, had we not received a thunderstorm late on November 29, which dumped 9mm of rain across Gungahlin in just 15 minutes.

Gungahlin's December Outlook:  Current indications are for a very warm December with temperatures likely to remain above normal.   Nights will be mild, and average at 11°C, while days should average at around 27°C.   There are some encouraging signs that rainfall may improve during December, as moisture levels in the upper atmosphere continue to increase.   It appears likely Gungahlin will receive more average December rainfall (44mm), but this will do little else than put mandatory water restrictions on hold for a short while, as January is expected to be hot and very dry.

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