November 2001 mild, windy.

Weather conditions across Gungahlin during November were dominated by fresh to strong NW winds and predominately cloudy skies.   Despite the fairly changeable conditions, temperatures were, overall, close to normal.

Nights were cool to mild, with an average minimum of 8.2°C (11.0°C last year).   The warmest night occurred on November 18 when the temperature was a 'hard to sleep' 18°C, while on November 12 it dropped to a cooler 2°C.

Gungahlin received 1 frost during the month (1 last year) and there were no fogs.

Days were generally cloudy, windy and mild, with an average maximum of 22.5°C (a little up on last years 22.4°C).   The highest temperature was a warm 28°C, recorded on November 30, while on November 12, a vigorous cold front crossed the region, blanketing the nearby mountains in snow, and helping to keep Gungahlin's maximum to just 13°C.

Rainfall was again down on previous months, with only 40.2mm recorded during November (well down on last years 123.0mm).   To highlight the dryness of the month, 21.8mm of our total fell during a violent thunderstorm that swept across the area during the Melbourne Cup afternoon on November 6.  The storm caused some minor flooding around Gungahlin, and produced winds in excess of 80km/h at the Weather Centre.   In all, rain was recorded at the Weather Centre on 8 days during the month.

Gungahlin's December Outlook:  Current indications are for a continuation of dry, fairly windy weather for Gungahlin throughout December.  Temperatures should average around 27°C during the day, dropping to 12°C at night.

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