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The highs and lows.
* The highest temperature recorded in Gungahlin is 42.3°C (11 February, 2017)
* The lowest temperature recorded in Gungahlin is minus 6.6°C (2 August, 2003)

A warm night.
* The warmest minimum temperature recorded in Gungahlin is 25.2°C (8 January, 2013).

A very cold day!
* The lowest maximum temperature recorded in Gungahlin is 2.6°C (12 June 2009).

The Heatwaves!
* In February 2004, the temperature in Gungahlin reached 30°C or more on 17 days, including 12 days in a row (from Feb 10 to 21).
* In 2009, Gungahlin recorded 14 days in a row with maximums 30°C or more (26 Jan to 8 Feb). Peaking at 40.1°C on Jan 31!


* Gungahlin's average yearly rainfall is 559.4mm.
* On average, November is the wettest month (70.5mm), while May is the driest (23.8mm).
* The wettest day in Gungahlin has been 65.0mm (4 February 2002).

How about the rain?
* Gungahlin's yearly rainfall average is 551.9mm. Totals for the last 11 years have been:

*2015: 502.4mm
*2014: 509.8mm
*2013: 443.0mm
* 2012: 662.6mm
* 2011: 516.6mm
* 2010: 699.6mm
* 2009: 390.2mm
* 2008: 503.2mm
* 2007: 499.0mm
* 2006: 366.8mm
* 2005: 611.8mm

Wet and dry!
* The wettest year in Gungahlin was 1999 when 776.0mm of rain fell. In contrast, 2006 saw just 366.8mm.

The longest 'dry' spell in Gungahlin is 56 days!
* No rain was recorded in Gungahlin for 56 days in a row - from 16 April to 10 June 2005.


Strong wind!
* The strongest wind gust recorded in Gungahlin is a 78.9km/h Northerly, recorded at 1.29pm on August 24, 2003.
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