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* New maximum temperature record at Gungahlin Weather Centre.
Gungahlin Weather Centre recorded a maximum of 42.3°C at 2.17pm today (11/2/2017). This made it the hottest day recorded at the Weather Centre, beating the previous record of 41.7°C on 16/2/2014. See Gungahlin's hourly temperatures on 11/2/17.

* Gungahlin Records its hottest January!
The average maximum temperature in Gungahlin during January 2016 was 32.4°C. This made it the hottest January (during the day) since records began at the Gungahlin Weather Centre back in 1999. The previous record was 32.0°C in January 2013. The maximum temperature reached 30°C or above on 24 days during January 2016, with a peak of 39.6°C on January 30.

* Rainfall records tumble during Gungahlin's wettest year!
Gungahlin recorded 820.4mm of rain in 2016, 44.4mm more than in the previous wettest year (1999), when 776.0mm was recorded.
New monthly records were recorded in May: 69.8mm (previous 62.6mm in 2000), June: 135.0mm (previous 129.6mm in 1998), July: 100.2mm (previous 93.0mm in 1998) and September: 135.4mm (previous 103.9mm in 2005).

* Warm nights in 2016!
Two new warmest minimum records were set during 2016.
On April 6, the minimum was a balmy 18.2°C, beating the previous record of 15.8°C on 3 April, 2005. While on July 19, the minimum was a very un-wintery 11.6°C, well above the previous record of 9.5°C, set on 30 July, 2014.

* Gungahlin max temp record beaten - twice!
Just a year after reaching 40.5°C, and creating a new max temp record for Gungahlin, the record has been broken - twice!
On January 16, 2014 the maximum reached 41.7°C (now the new hottest max temp recorded in Gungahlin), while on the following day (Jan 17) it peaked at 40.7°C.

* Gungahlin swelters through its hottest day on record
The maximum temperature reached 40.5°C on January 18, 2013. This is the hottest temperature recorded at the Gungahlin Weather Centre since records began in 1998.

* Gungahlin records its coolest start to summer on record
Weather conditions across Gungahlin during December were considerably cooler and cloudier than normal. In fact, with a mean temperature of just 16.3°C, it was easily the coldest start to a summer recorded in Gungahlin since the Gungahlin Weather Centre opened back in 1999. Read more

* Gungahlin records its hottest Australia Day - 26 January 2011
The mercury peaked at 37.1°C at 4.18pm today, making it the hottest Australia Day in Gungahlin since records began at the Weather Centre in 1998. Read more

* Gungahlin receives a wintry surprise - October 2010 snow falls
Gungahlin residents woke to a surprise this morning with snow flurries falling across the suburbs between 7am and 8.45am. Read more

* Gungahlin shivers through its coldest day on record
Gungahlin shivered through its coldest day since the Gungahlin Weather Station opened in January 1998. The maximum temperature on 12 June 2009 was just 2.6°C (recorded at 3.17pm), beating the previous coldest day of 3.0°C recorded on the very snowy day of 28 May 2000. Read more

* Strong wind drives dust across Gungahlin
It was an eerie day in Canberra yesterday (15 April 2009) as a brown haze blocked out the sun and shrouded landmarks while a ferocious wind whipped through the city. Read more

* Does it REALLY snow in Australia?
One of the hardest things to convince some of my friends in colder European countries is that it snows in Australia! Read more

* The Great Australian Weather Debate
Which Australian City has the best weather? - Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart or Darwin? Read more

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