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  Weather Conditions at the Gungahlin Weather Centre on 08/03/21 at 8:39p 

(Updates every 5 minutes)

Latest Gungahlin Weather Outlook:  Mostly cloudy and cooler. Precipitation possible within 12 hours, possibly heavy at times. Windy.


Weather Conditions in Gungahlin on 08/03/21 at 8:39p





Rainfall and Evaporation

Outside Temperature: 20.4°C

Today's Rainfall: 3.2 mm

Feels Like: 19.4°C

Storm Total: 3.2 mm

Humidity: 47%

Rain Rate: 0.0  mm

Dew Point: 8.7°C

This Years Max Rain Rate: 99.4 mm

Barometer:1008.8 h/pa & Rising Slowly

Rainfall So Far This Month: 3.2 mm

UV Index: 0.0 (index max 16)

Rainfall So Far This Year:  115.4mm

Solar Radiation:W/m2

Today's Evaporation: 2.49  mm

Wind Speed: 0.0 km/h from the WNW

This Months Evaporation: 31.45  mm


This Years Evaporation: 258.78  mm




Sun and Moon

Today's Minimum Temp: 13.4°C at 6:00a

Today's Sun Rise: 6:58a

Today's Maximum Temp: 25.7°C at 2:41p

Today's Sun Set: 7:32p


Moon Phase: Waning Crescent  

This Months Minimum Temp: 7.3°C


This Months Maximum Temp: 28.1°C



Current Inside Temp: 21.3°C

This Years Minimum Temp: 7.3°C

Current Inside Humidity: 59 %

This Years Maximum Temp: 36.7°C



Today's Minimum Inside Temp: 16.8°C at 6:25a


Today's Maximum Inside Temp: 23.8°C at 5:14p

Today's Maximum Wind Speed: 30.6km/h at 3:05p


This Months Maximum Wind Speed: 33.8 km/h

This Years Minimum Inside Temp: 14.2°C

This Years Maximum Wind Speed: 38.6 km/h

This Years Maximum Inside Temp: 27.8°C





This Years Highest Barometer: 1025.8 h/pa


This Years Lowest Barometer: 998.5 h/pa




This Months Highs/Lows

Gungahlin Weather Conditions on 08/03/21 at 8:39p:

High Temperature

Low Temperature

28.1 C





The last 7 days:








High Humidity

Low Humidity

97 %

26 %

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

15.6 C


High Wind Speed

33.8  km/hr

High Barometer

Low Barometer

1017.0  hPa

1004.6 hPa

Rain Total

3.2 mm

High Rain Rate

43.2  mm/hr

Monthly Evaporation 31.45  mm

Low Wind Chill

7.2 C

High Heat Index

27.2 C

High UV

6.7 index

High Solar Radiation

930  W/m

This years Highs/Lows

High Temperature

Low Temperature

36.7 C


High Humidity

Low Humidity

98 %

16 %

High Wind Speed

38.6  km/hr

High Barometer

Low Barometer

1025.8  hPa

998.5 hPa

Rain Total

115.4 mm

High Rain Rate

99.4  mm/hr

Yearly Evaporation 258.78  mm

If you have any questions on the data please e-mail us at the Gungahlin Weather Centre

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